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 Judging Fights

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PostSubject: Judging Fights   Judging Fights EmptySat Apr 27, 2013 4:53 pm

Here we will have two Administrators, or Moderators, and fight judges, who can judge fights. Alpha, rank, pup challenges, are judges automatically upon completion, whilst other fights and spars are judged upon by request. Below this is the score sheet how we judge fights so you know what to clarify in all of your posts. All general fights are out of five rounds, Alpha challenges and Death challenges have eight rounds. The character with the highest score wins the fight, but the loser has the right to request a rejudge is they think something has been done unfairly. If you would like to become a fight judge please PM an administrator.

Fighting Score Sheet
Attacks = 10 points. How solid were your character's attacks? It is advised to have at least three attacks per round - teeth, claws, balance/weight - if possible. Be unique and creative with your attacks it will earn you more points where repetition will earn zero.

Defenses = 10 points. if your character hits all the solid defenses- ears back, eyes narrowed, chin tucked, shoulder rolled forward, balanced, tail protected- then you will probably get full points for this category. You must mention all of these defenses in each post to get full points for them.

Injuries = 10 points. As the fighter and player of your character, you decide the injuries gained each round, being unrealistic about injuries will lose you points while the more realistic the character's injuries are for that round, the more points you get. Full injury points will be granted if the player uses a full dodge.

Clarity = 10 points. Your post has to make sense or you will lose points. Elements that seem confusion to a judge and don't make sense in the fight will cause you to not gain full points here.

Deductions = 10 points. You will usually get full points for this unless your player has god-modded or power-played in the fight round without a player's permission in which case points will be deducted every time this happens.

The score sheet is used for each character in the round to judge each specific post. Normal fights can have a total of 250 points where as Alpha Fights and Death Matches have a total of 400 points.
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Judging Fights
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