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 Maintain a Pack

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PostSubject: Maintain a Pack   Maintain a Pack EmptySat Apr 27, 2013 5:26 pm

1. Updating the pack roster thread is very important. It shows your pack is active and lets potential members know what ranks are open; you must update the pack roster at least once weekly.

2. Each time your pack gets 10 more members, a square becomes available for your pack to claim. To claim the square, you have to have both Admin approve. A staff member will add it to the map afterwards. Remember, the new square must be touching one of your current pack squares.

3. Pack-wide plots, including revolutions/wars, must be approved by the alpha (not temporary alpha) of each pack involved.

4. Anything major that happens in your pack unlocks the ability to obtain a landmark for your pack, which can be turned into a sub-board in your pack's board. Landmarks add fame and recognition to your pack. To have a landmark, you need a really good reason as to why your pack deserves it (ie. won a battle, well known alpha/warrior died, major disaster occurred, a romance ended tragically, etc) and if approved by an admin, they will get the information together to create it!

5. Packs are free to make alliances and enemies. Be sure to include lists in your pack's information thread.
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Maintain a Pack
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