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 Duty Explanations

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PostSubject: Duty Explanations   Duty Explanations EmptySat Apr 27, 2013 5:47 pm

A duty is the job that a wolf holds within their pack. They are expected to perform this task regularly/when needed to help their pack; loners may have a duty if they desire, but it is not required. Duties may alter slightly between packs, can be called by different names, and can have maximum amounts depending on the alphas' choice.

Care Takers

Den Mothers - Den mothers watch the pack's pups when their parents are out/deceased. They are often more compassionate wolves, and are well versed in the ability to keep young children out of trouble and entertained.

Healers - The healers of a pack have a vast knowledge of injuries, diseases, and herbal remedies, some even having powers to heal to an extent. They are tasked with keeping the wolves of their pack healthy, and are often the first wolf that someone injured will seek out to help them.


Ambassador - The pack's ambassadors are the diplomats of a pack, their job being to keep the relations peaceful between different packs. They often advise the Alphas as to the status of other packs and suggest, as well as uphold, pack alliances.

Messenger- Messengers are the wolves of the pack who deliver information to other packs when necessary. They are often trusted with covert political affairs, and alphas will only send messengers who have proven themselves loyal on extremely vital missions.

Scout - The job of the Scout is to be on the lookout for any possible threats that might come to their pack. They are to patrol the borders daily and alert the pack's alphas and guardians should anything suspicious arise.


Hunter - The hunters of the pack are the main providers of food. While most wolves will catch their own small meals quite often, hunters are useful for keeping a cache of food supplied for the pack to help feed the young, old, and sick. If a hunter fails his/her job the pack could become weak from starvation.

Fisher - This duty is not found in all packs, but for those that have water within the pack lands, a fisher is useful for providing other food sources. This is a surprisingly difficult job, and requires a lot of finesse and patience.


Warrior - As the main brawn of the pack, warriors are the first ones sent out to battle when necessary. They usually know many fighting tactics, and when they aren't in war for their pack, they usually spend a good deal of time practicing.

Spy - Spies are some of the most valued wolves in a pack, as it's up to them to keep up to date on the status of other packs as well as gather intelligence about any less than honorable plotting that might be going on. Spies can either remain covert and unseen, or join another pack to gather information from the inside, depending on the alphas' request.

Guardian - Like warriors, the guardians of the pack excel at fighting. The job of a guardian, however, is defensive rather than offensive, and they can often be seen patrolling the borders to keep threatening wolves or other predators away.

Dispatcher - To be a Dispatcher, a wolf must be ranked at least Delta or higher and given permission specifically by the alphas to carry out this task. The Dispatcher of a pack is the wolf who carries out punishments, usually physical, to those who breach the pack's laws.

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Duty Explanations
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