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 Registering and Creating a profile

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PostSubject: Registering and Creating a profile   Sat Apr 27, 2013 6:06 pm

To register an account, simply go to the registration page and fill it out. When you register make sure it is your character's first name and properly capitalized. If you want to change your account name later, a staff member can easily do that for you. Once you have registered you can begin working on your profile following the information required below.

All of your character details go into your profile. You can edit your profile at your discretion; however, to be accepted, the requirements are outlined below.

Full name - Your characters first, middle, and last night. First is required, middle and last are optional.

Alias - what name does your character prefer to go by, or nicknames others call them.

Gender- male or female

Age - Your character's age. Unless you have adopted, or have gotten permission from the admins, characters must be two years or older to join.

Birth Date - When was your character born? Only include the month and day, not the year.

Birth place - Where was your character born? Were they born here on the site or off site, if off site it is likely they have had to take a long journey to reach the area.

Duty - What duty does your character hold in the pack. Loners do not have a duty (can be added later)

Size- Pup, small, average, large. If you are unsure of what size your character falls in, contact an Administrator and they can assist you.

Height - How tall is your wolf at the shoulder?

Length - How long is your wolf not including the tail?

Weight - How much does your character weigh?

Eye color- What color are their eyes. Does not have to be a natural color, mix-matched eyes are allowed. Pupil-less eyes are not allowed.

Fur color - Main pelt color. Does not have to be natural. Bright colors are not allowed. i.e. neon, fluorescent colors.

Markings - Anything distinctive about your character?

Scars - Where are any noteworthy scars?

Appearance - Describe what your character looks like. You may use paragraphs and/or bullet points. Be as thorough as you can, you must have at least 5 sentences.

Personality - Describe what your character looks like using paragraphs and/or bullet points. Be as thorough as you can and you must have at least 5 sentences.

History - Feel free to fill out details of your characters history but this is not required.

Relations - Not required, but feel free to fill this out with family members, friends, or adopted members.

Human appearance - describe what your character looks like when they are in their human form. Be as thorough as you can and you must have at least 5 sentences as either a paragraph and/or bullet points. OPTIONAL

Powers - Describe what abilities your character can possess. Be thorough and be sure to include the weakness as well. Bullets and/or paragraphs accepted. Your character may not have powers that bring the dead back to lifeOPTIONAL *if your character has powers.

Alignment - Which of the nine moral alignments does your character best fit into? Since we encourage creativity, do not feel subjected to have a nice character if you do not want too!

Other characters you play on the site - Please put the names down of the other characters you play here so the Administrative team can keep track.

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Registering and Creating a profile
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