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 Character Alignments

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Character Alignments Empty
PostSubject: Character Alignments   Character Alignments EmptyMon Apr 29, 2013 1:32 pm

Each character here falls under one of the following alignments

Chaotic Evil

The chaotic evil character does whatever his wicked mind desires. They are driven by their own selfish greed and see nothing wrong with getting what they want, and don’t care what means they must go through to get it. Laws, customs, and any form of order are unnecessary to the chaotic evil character. They trust no one and they themselves cannot be trusted. Lastly, the chaotic evil loves to corrupt anyone and everyone they can get their hands on.

Lawful Evil

The lawful evil character cares very much for order and personal conduct, but not necessarily for the value of life or the preservation of good. Discipline is highly valued in this alignment, as the law is the upmost authority. Loyalty is treasured among the lawful evil, and betrayal is the worst sin they can commit. A hunger for power is natural for the lawful evil, but is not totally overpowering, as they can also learn to serve others as well.

Neutral Evil

Neutral evil characters do whatever they feel they can ‘pull off’. They are self-serving and seek only to benefit their own personal good. Laws and traditions mean little to the neutral evil character, and very rarely do they find themselves under any sort of structure. They do not mind working with others, or working alone, whatever gets the job done.


Neutral characters do what they feel is right. They neither pull for the dark or the light. Neutral characters live within the “status quo” and long for the world to remain balanced. Neutral characters often do not wish evil upon others they don’t know, but they won’t be upset should they hear of some harm that has befallen the other. Neutral characters tend to avoid those that consider themselves lawful characters, as they do not feel strongly about good or evil.

Chaotic Neutral

Chaotic neutral characters do whatever they want to do whenever they want to do it. Authoritative figures are not their favorite, as chaotic neutrals don’t appreciate being told what to do. They are unreliable and unpredictable in nature. Order is not important to the chaotic neutral, and in fact they tend to prefer disorder as it leads to more personal freedom

Chaotic Good

Chaotic good characters could care less about what others think about them, and are driven mostly by the little voice in their heads. They are individualistic by nature and focus primarily upon how to benefit themselves. Often considered selfish, they tend to dislike laws and authoritative figures that limit their own personal freedoms.

Lawful Neutral

Lawful neutral characters value laws and customs, but don’t care much whether they are good laws or evil laws. They thrive on a well-ordered system of government and desire laws that keep everything in perfect balance. The well-being of the whole takes precedent over their own personal well-being. These characters are often responsible and very structured.

Lawful Good

Lawful good characters’ main goal is to uphold integrity and justice. These types of characters will sacrifice everything else in order to keep the balance of law and order in check. Morality runs deeply through the veins of these characters, and they have strict guidelines as to how one should live and conduct themselves. A lawful good character will do whatever is necessary to ensure that the greater good is benefited.

Neutral Good

The basis of a neutral good character is being the best they can be. They strive to do good, but don’t necessarily fall to pieces if they mess up or make a small mistake. Neutral good characters strive for an equal balance of law and freedom. They respect kindness and honesty in others, and do their best to reflect such qualities in themselves.
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Character Alignments
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