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PostSubject: Cayden.   Cayden. EmptyWed May 01, 2013 1:36 am

What other character(s) do you play here?

Wolf Information
Cayden Nekishu.

None, yet.

4 weeks old.


Timber Wolf.

38 Inches at Shoulder.

59 Inches, not including his Tail.


Father - Benjimen Nekishu.
Mother - Eclipse Steller.
Sisters - Maylin, Mikayla.

- A heightened strength in speed
- Visual Tracking - Spending much of his time outside, Cayden will grow to form an affinity for tracking, picking up on scents where most would need to be far closer and actually being able to visualize through his heightened senses, the tracks of others. Whether by paw, boot print or broken foliage, Cayden will know someone's passed through.

Limitations of Powers/Abilities:
Comes short in Strength, as his body in his early years is built for speed and Agility.

Cayden's initial year will be spent being curious more so than anything. Following in his parents footsteps and not treading far, his getting to know the rest of the pack will be hindered by his socially awkward tendencies, being quiet and 'shut in', he'll keep to his sisters if not with either Eclipse or Blaze. While he may take some time, this won't last however, as he grows, he will find a sense of confidence in himself and in his ability that most would call 'getting cocky'. Still having an 'appetite for mischief', his childhood arrogance will only encourage his behavior and almost 'rebellious' outlook on life.

With this in mind, Cayden's not without a set of very strong qualities to outweigh the bad. First and foremost, Family will be his closest ally and his highest priority. Growing up with the pack, his want to jump to the aid of the others will be without hesitation...And usually without consideration for who he's defending against. Very head strong and 'jump first, ask questions afterwards' may earn him the reputation of being a bit of a trouble maker, though firmly loyal and dedicated to following in his parents footsteps.

Cayden's youth makes him fairly easy to influence, given the right motivation. He likes to have fun and play games but has a knack for getting into fights if personal reason outweighs logic, often the case for the male. He's especially confident around other females and can even get a little flirtatious, showing off in front of the others and looking a 'bit to big for his paws'. On the inside, he's got all the things that count, he loves his family, his sisters especially as well as the pack. He's incredibly loyal and hopes to make his parents proud, yet earn his way into the rest of the pack, determined to show that he's not getting a free ride by simply being born under the Alpha's.

As a Pup and the only male of the Litter, Cayden's slightly taller than the two females though not by much. His pelt is of a bronze/brown with a lighter near blonde/light brown and shades of black in the tip of his fur. His face is crowned in a darker crest of fur where the light brown darkens into a grey and black. His maw lined with sides of a lighter brown, blending into what one might call pale if not white short tipped fur.

Cayden's easily distinguishable by his left ear during his younger years as it's often caught back, his right upright, as well as having bright blue eyes and that easily be described as icey, not to be compared with by his personality as the way he acts will give him his own visual sense of personality and set him apart from his peers.

His build isn't what most might call intimidating, he spends more time playing in his earlier years and not often moving further from the pack, he has a slight belly that while some might not agree, his mother will make the excuse of it being 'puppy fat', temporary and nothing to worry about. His legs however are sturdy and he's got the right form to be shaped into an excellent runner, sleek and easily maneuverable, Cayden seems to have the edge most can come to admire, when hoping to run him down on a physical field, he's considered formidable to say the least. This of course making him more than a handful for his parents. Strength however is not his strong suit in his younger years of life. Highly energetic yet more likely to get himself into trouble than he is abide by the rules, he's built a knack for needing to be on the move quickly, evading the nearest lecture or otherwise, discipline.

Pup Picture:
Cayden. Wolf__Sunflower_by_derSheltie_zps10809046

Adult Human Picture:
Cayden. Ac3_dlc_sp_15_frontier_ratonwolfleader2_fix_zps80fbc5f8

None that I can think of but this profile will be edited over time and depend on the events within Role playing conditions.
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PostSubject: Re: Cayden.   Cayden. EmptySun May 12, 2013 8:28 am

Table for Cayden Nekishu!

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