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 Eclipse Stellar

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PostSubject: Eclipse Stellar   Eclipse  Stellar EmptyWed May 01, 2013 2:18 am

Always watching..

-- General Stuff

Name: Eclipse

Nickname: Clipse, Clipsie, Clipsers
Gender: Female

Age: 4(Wolf years) 22(Human years)

Birth Season: Spring

Breed: Supposedly Timber, however a breed can not be specified.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Mate: None

Children: Kyros- Deceased
Cayden - Alive
Maylin- Alive
Mikayla - Alive

Pack: Ravage

Rank: Alpha Female

-- Appearance
Her height was 4'3 in her wolf form. Fur of the blackest onyx adorns her frame which was lean and muscular; recently her fur gives off an iridescent hue. Her paws were fitted each with a set of 5 claws on each front foot, including the dew-claw, and four claws on the back feet. Sharp and curled slightly to where they would dig into the ground a bit as she walked. Her eyes in her wolf form were just as unusual as in her human form. Black, matching her coat with a white outline around each pupil that gave the look of a lunar eclipse. When she howls, the song is beautiful and unmatched by any other.

-- Social Life
Personality: Outgoing and adventurous. She loves walking through the woods any time of day. She can be loving and affectionate one moment to pinning a rival down or putting a fellow wolf in their place for insubordination the next. Protecting her family comes as the highest priority for her.

-- History
Eclipse's history is sketchy to say the least..Her parents and siblings were killed before her eyes when she was just a pup; however she doesn't fully remember the encounter as she was so young. She was found and taken in by a young wolf who became her sister. After maturing to a young adult, she had a mind of her own. Eclipse and her adoptive sister joined a pack, but due to lack of leadership control the two sisters, along with a few friends left the pack and formed a new one called The Okami Wolf Pack. She was put in as Beta female for her level head and new ideas she brought to the pack. Soon after she had made friends with a feline, Norse God, and a wolf named Nyoka. After time Nyoka and her became mates and had a single pup. Kyros..however the relationship did not last long for reasons still beyond what she knows. Many events have happened to Eclipse. The largest, and most detrimental event, is when her son was killed. He was tricked into suicide by Nyoka's brother, Hiroshi.

The loss of her Son still effects her in the way that she reacts to others. Even children. Though she does not show it, inside it still tears her apart.

After her first love and mate she had thought she found love again with Fenrir. The lord of all Wolves. However distance pulled them apart and she was once again left without love while many others around her flourished in their relationships. It became time when she figured that she would just have to be alone, yet a part of her would not give up. After the Okami Pack was ripped a part nearly a year later her best friend, Blaze Nekishu asked for her help with his pack. She would become Alpha Female of the Kumari Wolf Pack. She found new life within the pack. A new family and over time she began to see many old faces reappearing. Jokers Wild, her best friend who had been Alpha female of the Okami Pack, Draycon, a wise and humorous Lich, Hunter Braddox, who was one bad ass yet he had a heart of gold deep down, Killow, Aleria, and several more.. Along with the new faces she had not seen before those who were wishing to find a home and settle down. They would not be turned away, Blaze and Eclipse made sure of it. After some time Eclipse found herself in the prospect of having another mate. Killow, a strong willed and protective male had suddenly become more and more closer to her. She would have to say she liked him and in time they became a pair, perhaps not mates because the relationship was not meant to last and once again Eclipse was left alone. Fate had not been a friend to Eclipse, but there was someone who had been. Blaze, ever faithful and always there for Eclipse no matter what. Their paths always crossing ways at one point or another. They'd been life long friends since their first encounter, even if Eclipse was the aggressor of their very first meet, Blaze did not back down and it seemed they were destined to be friends. Only about a year and a half after Eclipse had giving up on love was she reminded how she first felt when Blaze and she met in the woods so many years ago. Blaze himself was no longer mated to anyone so it seemed that fate was finally giving her a second, or perhaps third chance at finding love and this time she'd make it last for as long as she could.

-- Powers/Abilities/Weaknesses
Normally does not use her powers in a fight, prefers physical fighting.

A symbol lies on her chest just at her cleavage, twisted and warped that she received from an incident with Nyoka who dealt with the darker sides of magic. Due to this encounter she has received several powers that were somehow transferred from Nyoka to her. However, she has been mastering and honing this gifts for a long time. Perfecting and even expanding her knowledge of them. Eclipse keeps a wide variety of human weapons around her. Training her body how to use each weapon perfectly should the time ever come when she needed to use it.

Teleportation - This is only limited if her energy is low. When she first found out about this ability she was in the habit of raising her hand into the air and flicking her wrist before she vanishes. This habit never broke as she can still be seen doing this today should she teleport. She also used to leave a sulfur smoke in the air when she left somewhere, this as well is no longer nor is there a sound when she leaved or appears.

She can recreate anything from her mind. This is limited by her energy stores, however it takes a great deal of recreation to cause her energy to even deplete slightly.

Every connection she has with a member forms a connection to their minds. Usually this link only goes one way, i.e. Her to the member and not the other way around. However, in the case of her mate, Killow, it does not go this way. He can communicate to her as strongly as she can communicate with him. Killow is not the only member who can do this with her although his link is the strongest due to their relationship. In the other cases it has been noted that she has the strongest connection with those whom she has known the longest. Every other bond needs time and care to form and work with before she and the other would be able to communicate with.

Reading people's auras has been one of the first abilities she had. Everyones' aura will change based on mood, thoughts, and actions. She's been able to read each of these and understand how a person may react to a situation or anything else. It has become second nature to her to read this like someone's body language. Very few who may know how to manipulate their aura's would hinder this.

Heals even the most severe wounds with a single touch. Expansive knowledge of anatomy which allows her to heal and even kill. Able to stop hearts should she wish it. Most of her knowledge is limited to human and lycan anatomy. She is expanding her knowledge to the workings of Demons and more. Due to her advanced knowledge in anatomy she can manipulate someone's DNA to change any part of their appearance or all of their appearance. She requires physical touch to heal and see the damage done internally and externally. Without physical touch she can not heal. Any major healing that she does she will require rest due to the amount of energy that it takes. If she were in a fight she could manipulate her enemies heart to stop instantly. She could put someone in a coma, deep sleep, or more due to her abilities.

Her newest ability is an energy bomb. She forms a sphere in between her hands and as soon as it leaves her hands it begins to pulsate before it will explode. As she hones in on this ability she will be able to create different size bombs with different levels of power. The smaller the bomb the less damaging it is, the larger the more damaging. Because these bombs are made out of her energy it means she will be tired after too many of them. The smaller ones are less detrimental on her but too many of them could put her in a light sleep.

Other Powers may not be listed at this time

--Human Form

Appearance: She stand at about 5'5 with black onyx. Her hair is the purest black around, a black onyx or obsidian as she will describe it. Her body is slim and fit, of an average size for someone with her body. Her skin complexion is tan, giving off a healthy glow where ever she goes. Never being one to wear the most popular articles of clothing she made her own style and does what she wants as long as it looked good and matched. At one time she had a necklace that she wore every second of everyday that her mother had given her before her entire family was killed before her eyes, but it was lost when she was a child. When she becomes angered her eyes would change to a crimson like the eyes of her father while he was alive. There have been a few rare occasions where there was a mix between the obsidian and crimson. Currently her eyes will change within a wide array of colors depending on the person she is around and their relationship with her.


--Lycan Form:
She has only unlocked this form from deep within her soul within the past 3 years of her life, never even knowing she could. Her father was the one of the pack who used his 'lycan' form the most, usually in a battle against other packs or for dominance reasons. Unlike her mother who was more peaceful, not usually in her lycan form. Since her family was killed she never knew how to change, so to say, into this form until her last mate helped her.

In her Lycan form her saliva can secret a venom that turns a human into a lycan/werewolf depending on the person. Only if she wills this can it happen and it has only happened once.


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Eclipse Stellar
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