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 Ravage Roster

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Nestled within the dormant volcano lies the lair of the pack of Ravage. Their territory stretches down below the volcano and into the Alysium fields. The landscape is surprisingly open when not near the volcano within the mountain range. The wolves of this land are just as peaceful as the volcano. You never know when one might strike.

The Code

1.) The Alpha is the ultimate protector, thus the word of the Alpha is final and can not be contended

2.) Trespassing is intolerable, punishable by death, wait at the border and summon someone. Do not tempt fate unless you wish to die.

3.) Respect among pack mates is vital, respect and loyalty are essential to a functional pack life.

4.) Nothing in Ravage is given away for free, including( but not limited to); rank, food, the right to mate. You must pull your weight equally or more to receive what you want.

5.) No wolf is permitted to leave the pack without permission, any wolf doing so will be hunted until they are killed and seen as a permanent enemy to the pack until they have been killed or brought in front of the Alpha's for a trial. Pack members are permitted to leave the territory but must return in 4 days to the boundaries.

6.) All wolves are under the full protection of the Elite Guard. Any wolves carrying the duty of Scout, Warrior, Guardian, Spy, or Strategist are automatically considered part of the guard. These members are expected to dedicate their entire existence to protecting the pack, and, their peers. These wolves are meant to patrol the land on a regular basis and report back to the Captain and/or the Alpha of their findings.


Tier One


Eclipse Stellar


None Chosen yet

Tier Two

Elite Guard





Tier Three



**Scroll over a character name to see their duty
***The above coding is still being worked on

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Ravage Roster
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