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 Greetings and Welcome!

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Greetings and Welcome! Empty
PostSubject: Greetings and Welcome!   Greetings and Welcome! EmptyWed May 01, 2013 6:35 am

Hello Everyone!

On behalf of myself, WolfMortum and my partner in crime, Eclipse Stellar, we are most proud to present to you all, "Catalyst-Wolves", the newest addition to Forum Styled Role playing!

We welcome you all to get to know our Site, acquaint yourselves with the "Guide Book" for all your need to know info, as well as the guidelines we've put in place to ensure you all have a fun and friendly time with us, for now however, you're going to endure the torturous few words by yours truly...Old 'Wolfy' over here.

While this site has a very open layout and easy to understand structure, I will take the time to talk you through a couple of things, starting first of all with our background, the genre of course, pretty eye fetchingly obvious! Yes, you guessed it, this is a Pack site, we are very much based around but not entirely restricted to, Wolven Characters and the Lycanthrope culture of Were-Cats and other creatures of Nature. Both Eclipse and Myself have had extensive pasts in dealing with the Pack way of 'life' and wish to extend to you all, the opportunity to be a part of your own.
Such is the reason to why we've decided to build on the potential of various packs within Catalyst-Wolves. There will be requirements, should you decide to start one though I'd like to think we're not here restricting the brilliance of your creative minds and urge you to explore yourselves, creating a wonderful place to share in the magic that is Role playing. For all your pack needs, you will be directed once more to the Guidebook, and I shall probably be repeating that several times over this post...I'll try not to bore you all... *Winks with a cheeky grin*.

Now then, for a better idea of what kind of land you're dealing with, you're all very much welcome to look to your left, there you will find, above the "latest topics" module, our new feature, "The World Map". This little feature has been 'done up' specifically for this site, clicking on the image will lead you into a new tab where you will see a much large version with all the key locations worth noting, all of these are created threads where you can interact with others in your own personal boards, titled by you, started by you, our members of whom we've done our best appeal to.

With our easy to follow guides, creating a character biography shouldn't be to difficult providing you know the type of person or being you wish to play. We do hope that you will try to put some effort into those you're hoping to play as others will want to have a fair idea of who it is they're potentially dealing with, however we are not asking you to write a ten page essay on why we should want you! Nope, that's not our style, we're very easy going and just want our members to enjoy themselves in an environment that's respectful to all and fun loving.

In the top section of the Site you will all notice a "Suggestions/Questions" board. This is purely for your benefit as we do take the opinions of our members to heart and appreciate hearing your views, concerns and suggestions towards Catalyst-Wolves.
Should you have any problems managing the site, your characters or perhaps uncertain of where to go next, we hope you will come to us freely so that we might explain or give some better insight that could help you all along the way.
I'd also like to point out the "Announcement" thread where we, the Administration team, will reveal to you all any potential changes, whether that be to the forum or to In-character plots. Take note that while we may change the base story line of a plot, we will not be taking control of your characters stories, that is solely up to each one of you as we believe it should be.

With all that being said, I'll leave the rest to you all to roam and explore till your hearts content. Once again, Welcome to you all and Enjoy your stay here with us!

WolfMortum and Eclipse Stellar,
Site Administration.
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Greetings and Welcome!
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