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PostSubject: Mikayla   Mikayla EmptyWed May 01, 2013 10:57 pm

Wolf Information
Name: Mikayla
Nickname: Don't have one yet.
Age: 4 weeks old
Sex: Female
Breed: Timber Wolf
Height: "Full height not yet obtained/known"
Length: N/a
Weight:N/a for now
Father - Benjimen Nekishu.
Mother - Eclipse Steller.
Sisters - Maylin and Ashlyn.
Brother - BlackStar.Cayden


None that she is aware of currently, to young. Will find out later.
Limitations of Powers/Abilities: To be decided later.

Mikayla was born into a litter of three. She is the sister of Maylin and Cayden, also Ashyln and Blackstar from another litter. Born a few weeks back, she has not seen the pack lands, only the den that her, her brother, sister, and parents share.
Pup Personality

Mikayla is always one step behind her Father. Following and acting just like him. She follows his every move and even tries to walk and act like him, her head always held high; proud. When she is not loving on or play fighting with her Father, she takes her spunk and playfulness out on her brother and sister. When they play she tries to act like the Alpha of her brother and sister, but a well respectful and honorable Alpha like her parents. This role does not last long as her siblings have a mind of their own, their games always switching up. Fun and games are always fun with her siblings, but on some occasions, Mikayla can be found wondering the pack lands and the borders playing by her lonesome. Coming up with new games and tactics of hide and seek that will later help her in her adulthood. She likes to think she is a big help to her Mother and Father in protecting the lands when she is out and about on one of her excursions. Even though she acts tough and tries to follow in her Father’s paw prints, she is still a pup and learning the ropes of pack life. She still gets frightened by things she doesn’t know, but she is quick to hide her fright and learn about the new object(s) that has frightened her. She learns from her mistakes and tries not to be mean or cruel to any living object. If she has a question about something, her Father is the first she seeks. When first meeting others, Mikayla doesn’t rush into things, taking her time to assess the situation. She acts older then she is, but that comes from trying to be like her Father, a grown up. Compassionate and protective of her siblings, Mikayla watches out for them both even if they don’t know it. She is truly, Daddies little girl.

Adult Personality

Mikayla, even though she is still Daddies little girl, has become her own person. She no longer follows her Father around when he isn’t looking, imitating his moves. She is strong willed and thinks for herself now. When she was younger, she had to follow the rules and listen to her parents, now though, even though she believes strongly in them, she wants a role in the pack, or to seek her own. Her mind is strong and she is as smart as she is beautiful. Needing to put her talents to good use, she sometimes grows restless with the peacefulness of her home. She is still curious about things she has yet to learn, for one never stops learning even after the younger years have passed you by. Even though she is the Alpha’s daughter, she has never held that over one’s head or used it to get her way. Believing in fairness and the rights of others, she is quick to help others in need and solve conflicts. Never quick to judge, she likes to listen to everyone’s point of view. She is very dependable and sympathetic.

If crossed; however, Mikayla will not let it slide; she will find a just action to suit the wrong. Fight if she has too. If Mikayla is in the wrong, she will apologize and make amends. She does not think that saying your “sorry” makes you weak, in fact, she believes it gives a person character.

Even as an Adult, she still makes time for her siblings. Mature in her ways, she still has a young fresh outlook on life. Willing to play with others, to make them happy, she goes out of her way for loved ones and for people she doesn’t even know. She has seen evil, but she doesn’t let it affect how she views the world.

Pup Appearance

The second female in a litter of three, she is the same height as her sister, and only slightly shorter than her brother, which she tries to make up for. Her coat is decorated in patches of white, black, and dark red, the same coloration as her Father. Two thick layers, the top, a dark midnight black, from the top of her crown, that feathers out on the either side of her face, dark red markings zigzagging outlining the black and the ghost white mask of her face and that outlines her right ear, down her back to the tip of her tail. The black bleeds into her second color, the dark red that defines most of her body outlining her pudginess from being a pup. This fat helps keep her warm and will turn into lean muscles as she gets older. Her underbelly and the bottom of her tail is the same ghost white as her face. Her paws are one of a kind, all four mismatched. The front left is solid red the right is a solid black stocking up to her elbow Traveling to her back paws, the left claws are coated black, the rest the same dark red as most of her body. Lastly, the right back paw has a white stocked foot.

Adult Appearance

As Mikayla transitioned from puppy to young adult, she is void of all unnecessary fat. Lean and fit, her belly no longer drags on the ground as it did when she was a pup. She has grown into her coat, the thick coarse fur, bristling and shiny, defining her muscles, strong jaw structure and strong powerful legs. The colors are no longer stocky and sticking out, that made her look like a rag doll when wet, but bright and defined, smooth; glossy. She is smaller in size, but at a distance she is almost all the time called Blaze, people seeking her out for pack business. With age, it has defined her regal features, the power and nature of her being. Her coloration makes her beauty standout more. She is no longer a clumsy youngling, but a proud and sophisticated young adult wolf, with both brawns and beauty. She is graceful in her walk and agile as she runs, like moving water, nothing stopping her, always finding a way through tough obstacles. Even with age; however, she is still not taller than her brother, but just as when she was a pup, she has found ways to get over that aspect

Human Information

 photo nijiko_27737_zps7b751999.jpg
 photo hazuki_shimada_4821_zpscfe193e3.jpg

Grown UP:

 photo 100701015649682_zpsb74db906.jpg
 photo anime_girl_by_sonamylovingness-d4zcbv8_zpsc9f3f4d0.jpg


Limitations of Powers/Abilities:




 photo 4ebfd432-83e0-40c3-bbc0-a78376cb2d19_zpsd6d0348b.jpg

 photo 2cbe83b6-b4a1-4d6c-8db0-322197cb4f8d_zpsf33ab68d.jpg

Extra: (what else not listed above can your character do? Special power? Another animal form?)

(Will edit as we go along through rp)
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