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PostSubject: Leaders   Sat Apr 27, 2013 1:25 am

1) When you get a pack, you will be given access to edit the Pack Ranks/Roster thread that has been posted and stickied by the Admin account. Alphas may make their own laws and traditions, but any rules that break our overall rules will be contested by the staff. Pack Alpha's must keep their rosters up to date with new members and update their roster thread at least once weekly, temporary Alpha's are exempt from this.

2) Only one alpha spot and one beta spot is allowed per person. If you play an alpha in one pack and a beta in a different, and the beta is in line to gain the alpha slot because of Alpha inactivity, the player must choose which pack they would like to keep or hand being Alpha off to another member.

3) A pack Leader's activity effects not only their pack, but the entire site. Alpha's are expected to make a minimum of one IC post a week. If a leader is going to be away, they are required to post in the absence board, and appoint a pack member to carry out their duties during their absence, typically this is the Beta of the pack, if there is no Beta then the Alpha can pick who will be in charge in their stead.
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