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PostSubject: silvers bio   silvers bio EmptySat Jun 22, 2013 12:16 am

Full name - Luna Fang

Alias - luna

Gender- female

Age - 3

Birth Date - june 11

Birth place - in a forest far off

Duty - none, loner

Size- small

Height - 25"

Length - 4.5'

Weight - 60 lbs

Eye color- ice blue

Fur color - silver

Markings - flame marks on ankles

Scars - no

Appearance - She is a small wolf with a petite build made for speed and agility. Her pelt is silver. There is also tiger marks on her ankles. Her long fur is usually kept neat and her ears usually perked up. Her eyes are crystal blue and are centered on her face. Her muzzle is shorter than most.

Personality - She has always been high spirited since she was a pup. But when she left the pack at one year she became more cautious. She is very friendly and playful but has a serious side at times. She gets along with most wolves but has a quick temper if threatened. She prefers not to fight except when necessary. She is also very observant and open-minded about new things she may come across.

History - She grew up in a meadow with her parents and sister. But when she was 5 months old a strange male wolf killed her and my parents. The other members helped me for a long time and during those months I learned much. When I was one I left the pack and traveled on my own. Since then I have seen much and meet many.

Relations - none

Human appearance - a petit woman at 5 feet two inches. She has knee long dark brown hair and silver eyes. She normally wears a kimono top with simple pants that are tied lightly at the ankle. She has two blades, one on her back and another on her belt. She usually wears no jewelry except for a crystal blue stone around her neck.

Powers - she is a master of aura, which means she is able to sense and use her aura. She is a shapeshifter, but is only able to change into a silver wolf with ice blue eyes and an inbetween form as a human with long silver hair and ice blue eyes with ears, teethe and claws of a wolf, which she can conseal. And lastly she is a firebender.
Limitations/weaknesses: when using her auric abilities for a long time she gets headaches and after long uses of her powers in total she gets fevers.

Alignment - not sure. Neutral i think.

Other characters you play on the site - none
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silvers bio
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