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 Wild Reign-- a wolf roleplay unlike the others

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Wild Reign-- a wolf roleplay unlike the others Empty
PostSubject: Wild Reign-- a wolf roleplay unlike the others   Wild Reign-- a wolf roleplay unlike the others EmptySat Jun 29, 2013 1:02 pm

h t t p : / / w i l d r e i g n . c o m / f o r u m / i n d e x . p h p

(had to cut our gorgeous logo and chop up our link because apparently guests can't post external links?)


What is Wild Reign?
Wild Reign is a mature, active community bound by common interests of art, roleplaying, and writing with animals as the main characters.

The goal of the forum is to serve as a platform for the members' creativity and social interactions.

At Wild Reign, member experience is priority. We strive to create a friendly, fun and supportive environment within which members can feel safe developing and expressing their creativity in both visual art and writing, as well as meeting like-minded people.

At Wild Reign, every member has a voice, and every member is welcomed like family by staff and other members alike.

What kind of roleplay goes on at Wild Reign?
Well, by most standards, one would say that Wild Reign has semi-literate and up roleplaying standards, the forum has post requirements and a built in spell checker for you.

As for the actual writing, Wild Reign is a primarily wolf based roleplay forum, however, members are welcome to play just about any species they wish.

There are several different packs in the Wild Reign universe, each with their own different theme, belief system and rankings. They are all separated but connected in the big realm of the forum, allowing pack to coexist, or try to, with each other and interact with the world around them. Leaders are allowed to make plots for their packs individually, and plot with other leaders to create new and interesting roleplay possibilities. You can also request your own private plots with other members both in and out of your pack, whatever risks there may be, and are encouraged to use your creativity in these situations.

But, you aren't required to join a pack, you can always keep your character as a loner in one of our many neutral territories, and plot with other loners.

Occasionally, the staff team will create a forum-wide plot, such as a hurricane, or earthquake, but generally, we allow the members to have their own voice in what they want to do.

What sets Wild Reign apart?
Wild Reign, while keeping up with it's semi-realistic tag, is pretty lax and allows members to take several liberties in creating and playing their characters. Creativity is always welcome, and as long as your character isn't too far out of our genre, we are willing to allow you to have a chance playing them.

There is no limit on the number of characters you can create. You can have a character or two in each pack, a wolf, four birds and a hippo, and who knows what else. We do have sizing standards on the forum (as obviously we don't need 7 foot tall kittens running around). Wild Reign does not hinder your choice in color of your character, and depending on the accessory, will not stop you from having those as well.

Members can also create characters or designs for others to adopt, this is quite common, and we even have some 'special' characters available for adoption right now.

There are several different packs on Wild Reign, each with their own theme. Just to name a few, there is a pirate themed pack lead by an infamous 'Captain', a pack of mercenaries lead by a 'High Lady' and a medieval themed pack lead by their 'Sovereign King'. Also, in the future Wild Reign will be allowing members to submit applications and gather support to create their own packs in the realm, but until then, we just have our canon packs to play in.

Pack colors and secret boards;;
As a fun bonus for pack leaders and members, when a character joins a pack, they are accepted into that pack's member group, they receive a pretty colored name, and if the pack has hidden boards (like one of our packs has it's own language, with a hidden board for it's dictionary) they gain access to those. It's a fun way to plot with your pack members, and maybe give the rest of the forum a super surprise!

Alternative Universe;;
Because every now and then we don't always want to play the same boring thing over and over, Wild Reign has an alternative universe, that being separate from the actual roleplay realm. Here you create a character, and can post in any of the many different AU boards (Supernatural, Space, Wild West and more) for a chance to go all out. You want to play  a dragon here? Have at it! It's kind of a fun way for members to unwind and play around with other genres they like without having to search the world wide web for a site they can join to do so.

Much, much, more!

I really hope you'll consider joining Wild Reign, it's a great forum, and it's just taking off so it could really use some members willing to commit and have fun with us. Wild Reign has the makings to be a great, fun community, we just need to get more people interested. Please, come by and have a look today, we have several stickies to help you navigate the forum, and your welcome to stop and ask a Moderator (names in dark red) or a Founder (names in gray) for help!

So long for now, and I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.
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Wild Reign-- a wolf roleplay unlike the others
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