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 General Fighting Rules

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General Fighting Rules Empty
PostSubject: General Fighting Rules   General Fighting Rules EmptySat Apr 27, 2013 1:41 am

1) You can fight in-character(IC) about anything except out of character(OoC) disputes/problems. Your character may fight as often as they wish.

2) Fights can be preplanned, provoked, or randomly started by attacking someone's character in roleplay.

3) You can lose a fight by letting your character give up, but remember that no one can say they killed yur character unless you gave them permission. You can also lose by not replying to a thread in 5 OoC days (Unless you have posted in the absence board before the fight started)

4) Unless you have per-determined a winner before the fight or both players have come to an agreement, all fights/challenges are judged by the administration. Spars are only judged upon by request.

5) This may be a game for you but remember that some people, or characters, take fights seriously so be careful who you challenge!

6) You may only kill someone's character with permission. If given permission, make sure that it is mentioned in your post somewhere so staff members are aware.

7) No power-playing, god-moding, auto-hitting, etc..
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General Fighting Rules
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