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 Pack Rank Explanations

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PostSubject: Pack Rank Explanations   Pack Rank Explanations EmptySat Apr 27, 2013 5:41 pm

A wolf's rank within their pack shows how much power they hold within the pack over other members, as well as how proficient they are in their duty. The rank names can differ in packs from the list below, but the packs here all have ranks roughly equivalent to this chart. Some Alphas may add ranks or modify the description of some, but those particular ranks will be described on the pack's roster page.

Top Ranks

Alpha - The alphas are the leaders of the pack. They have complete say over what happens within the pack, what alliances or enemies are created, and who is promoted or demoted. They are usually well versed in pack politics, and are respected by the entirety of the pack members. 2 Maximum depending on the pack laws and traditions

Beta - The Alpha's confidants. They are usually extremely trusted by the Alpha's to take care of political and pack affairs, and will take over the pack in the absence of the alpha(s). 2 Maximum depending on the pack laws and traditions.

Heirs - Usually the children of the Alpha(s) (either by blood or adoption), and will be heir to the throne when they turn three years of age. If there are multiple children, only one will be selected by three years of age, and the others will hold regular ranks within the pack. 1 maximum over 3 years, no maximum under 3 years.

Middle Ranks

Gamma - Overseers of the pack, the gammas usually know every member of the pack and pay close attention to those who perform their jobs well. The gammas consult with the Alphas to give suggestions for pack members who they believe deserve promotions, demotions, or exile. 2 maximum

Delta - Delta is the lowest rank in which a wolf can hold a lead duty. The delta wolves most often offer guidance and train other wolves in their duties, and oftentimes have one or more apprentices. 2 Maximum

Epsilon - The epsilons are usually highly trained in their duties and have proven their loyalty to the pack, and pull their weight willingly within the pack. Epsilons are permitted to take up to one apprentice in their duty if the Alpha(s) permit. No Maximum

Zeta - Zetas have proven themselves to be an asset to the pack, and have a moderate understanding and experience in their duty. They are not permitted to take on an apprentice, and may still have a teacher themselves. No Maximum

Eta - These are the apprentices of the packs, and are generally between six months and one year of age. They have been given a teacher to train them in the duty they wish to pursue. No Maximum

Bottom level

Theta - The subordinates of the packs, Thetas may or may not hold a duty. This is the entry rank for all pack, and is the rank that an Eta will usually gain upon turning one year of age. No Maximum

Iota - Iotas are wolves that are usually eight years of age or older. They can also be called elders, and are most often past the age of being able to properly perform an active duty; their knowledge for life is highly respected among pack wolves, and younger pack members will often seek an Iota for guidance. No Maximum

Kappa - Any pack wolves under one year of age that are not the children of the alphas. Kappas may not hold a duty until they start training at six months of age. No Maximum

Omega - Omegas are most often pack wolves who have dishonored themselves or their pack, but have not committed a harsh enough treason to be exiled. They hold no power within the pack, but they may have a duty. Omegas can also be slaves or prisoners stolen in war. No Maximum
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Pack Rank Explanations
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